Coins and Trackables

These are some of the coins we’ve purchased over the years. They don’t make it out much anymore, because some have been stolen. But feel free to discover them at

195TeamLareau's 15 Years of Geocaching Geocoin158NC2
194TeamLareau's 15 Years of Geocaching Nano Geocoin153M2Q
193TeamLareau's Airstream TagAR56WW
192TeamLareau's Alaska State Plate Trackable TagAK4FDC
191TeamLareau's Cachekinz - Geowoodstock IX Bear4KQ77N
190TeamLareau's Cachekinz - GeoWoodstock VIII - SalmonGWT2JC
189TeamLareau's Geo-Achievement 5000 Finds GeocoinACJPN4
188TeamLareau's Geocaching HQ TagHQ169T
187TeamLareau's May the 4th Be With You - Cache Saber GeocoinGS1YT6
186TeamLareau's Mountain Warehouse Moose TagMWGY51
185TeamLareau's Mountain Warehouse Trackable Sheep TagMW72Q7
184TeamLareau's Other Travel Bug Dog TagRWKMWA
183TeamLareau's Six Pack TagCC4RKH
182TeamLareau's Team Legend4 GeocoinPCQZQ1
181TeamLareau's Captain Rodney's TagCR6P9X
180Achiever's at MOGA 2016 Award Medal 366 Continuous DaysTYYE0N
179Achiever's at MOGA 2016 Award Medal 366 Calendar DayTYAPFW
178TeamLareau's 15 Years of Geocaching Tag157Y5T
177Woodland Trust Geocoin Challenge - TeamLareauUKT87P
176TeamLareau's Trackable Building ToyLEC68A
175Team Lareau's Michelin TagMQTMYE
174TeamLareau - The CollectorGSJ4QQ
173TeamLareau - The AchieverGSAEV6
172TeamLareau - The PuzzlerGSNWC7
171TeamLareau - The ExplorerGSA53R
170TeamLareau - The SightseerGSPAPV
169TeamLareau - The SocializerGSV8WY
168TeamLareau - The Nature LoverGS2AR3
167TeamLareau - The MakerMMTRMV
166TeamLareau's - FTF Silver Ingot GeocoinSIC4BE
165TeamLareau - Megan (Irish Mermaid)CCAHWQ
164TeamLareau - PattiCCTX83
163TeamLareau - BrianCCE4QT
162Teamlareau - The Travel Bug490148
161TeamLareau - Premium Member TagPMPK7K
160TeamLareau - Geo-Achievement Finds 5,000 GeocoinACJPN4
159Patti's 3 Million Geocaches Charm3MBDMQ
158TeamLareau's Captain Rodney's TagCR6P9X
157Patti's Mary Hyde Nano CharmARGW99
156Patti's TFTC CharmCHHAE9
155Patti's GPS CharmCHTQRE
154Patti's SWAG CharmCHV5KY
153Patti's TOTT CharmCHP1KD
152Patti's I Love GC CharmCHQZJF
151Patti's Mega Event CharmCH9QEG
151TeamLareau's 2007 GeocoinFest GeocoinTVQFR0
150TeamLareau's Team Alamo 2007 GeocoinPCDZCM
149TeamLareau's Red Cross GeocoinPC6BTQ
148TeamLareau's 2007 MAGC BRTango Silver GeocoinPC2DTV
146TeamLareau's 911turbos GeocoinPC5412
145TeamLareau's 2007 Compass Rose GeocoinCRJX27
144TeamLareau's Poland GeocoinPCKPFH
143TeamLareau's Hogwild World Famous TravellingGeocoinHGHXAD
142TeamLareau's Magnetic Keyholder GeocoinPCH91K
141TeamLareau's Breast Cancer GeocoinPC1BFP
140TeamLareau's Sarnia-Lambton GeocoinPCVWDM
139TeamLareau's Free the Cache GeocoinPCRR2Z
138TeamLareau's North Carolina Micro GeocoinNCW62Y
137TeamLareau's 2007 Hong Kong GeocoinDWAHQ2
136TeamLareau's DiverVan GeocoinPCGC3P
135TeamLareau's Eyespy GeocoinPC2XEZ
134TeamLareau's Nurses Have Heart GeocoinPC82GF
133TeamLareau's West Coast Golden Spike GeocoinPCQX3H
132TeamLareau's East Coast Golden Spike GeocoinPC7HC3
131TeamLareau's Kid's GeocoinPCKF00
130TeamLareau's 2007 Geocaching Squad GeocoinPCGFQ9
129TeamLareau's Singapore GeocoinPCT9BW
128TeamLareau's World Caching - Ocean Geocoin 2007WC565C
127TeamLareau's January 2007 Geocoin Club GeocoinCCXZ3K
126TeamLareau's Sydney Koala GeocoinSYCF5V
125TeamLareau's Route 66 Missouri GeocoinRTGB03
124TeamLareau's DEFCON GeocoinPCY86X
123TeamLareau's Tempting The Fates GeocoinTFPFDT
122TeamLareau's HAM Radio GeocoinPCJ08N
121TeamLareau's Hawaii Volcanoes National Park GeocoinNPYW4M
120TeamLareau's Blue Star Military GeocoinMGYT70
119TeamLareau's Statue of Liberty GeocoinPCQHV9
118TeamLareau's Mexico GeocoinPCM281
117TeamLareau's Cache Hiker GeocoinCCHHPK
116TeamLareau's Rockin Roddy's Cachestalkers GeocoinPCMRM5
115TeamLareau's Crowesfeat30 GeocoinPC3K5P
114TeamLareau's Signal Geocoin - Dec 06SGT463
113TeamLareau's Geocoin Thief Geocoin GTZVHN
112TeamLareau's Generic 2007 Geocoin GGDXA9
111TeamLareau's Humane Society of York County GeocoinPC6YJZ
110TeamLareau's World Caching - Ocean Geocoin WCBC6H
109TeamLareau's Dartmoor National Park GeocoinPC0D06
108TeamLareau's The Caching Pill Geocoin - RedPCYC40
107TeamLareau's The Caching Pill Geocoin - OrangePCQX75
106TeamLareau's The Caching Pill Geocoin - BluePCJT8M
105TeamLareau's Never STOP Geocaching GeocoinPCHPDY
104TeamLareau's Muggles GeocoinPCQZJF
103TeamLareau's GeocacheOhio 2006 GeocoinOHC9NA
102TeamLareau's Christmas Santa 2006 GeocoinCGETMM
101TeamLareau's Caching in the Holidays GeocoinCG2MWN
100TeamLareau's Bitten by Whitebear GeocoinWBH81A
99TeamLareau's Cache is King GeocoinCKYZB7
98TeamLareau's Yellow Racer GeocoinGRCT80
97TeamLareau's Orange Racer GeocoinGRP3CJ
96TeamLareau's Green Racer GeocoinGRCR3R
95TeamLareau's Blue Racer GeocoinGRQQP5
94TeamLareau's November 2006 Geocoin Club GeocoinCC99RZ
93TeamLareau's Original Las Vegas GeocoinLVG78A
92TeamLareau's Signal Geocoin - Nov 06SG0CM4
91TeamLareau's Signal Geocoin - Oct 06SGNACQ
90TeamLareau's Signal Geocoin - Sept 06SG4KQV
89TeamLareau's September 2006 Geocoin Club GeocoinCCH1GY
88TeamLareau's Geocaching Squad Geocoin PCWCNZ
87TeamLareau's Generic GeocoinGG310A
86TeamLareau's IE Cachers GeocoinPCHZFD
81TeamLareau's Spud502 GeocoinPCXHMY
80TeamLareau's Newfoundland GeocoinNLE22C
79TeamLareau's 1701eh Memorial GeocoinPCJCNB
78TeamLareau's Geocoin Club - December 06 GeocoinCCEZ6H
77TeamLareau's Geocoin Club May 2006 GeocoinCCAMT6
76TeamLareau's August 2006 Geocoin Club GeocoinCC36VJ
75TeamLareau's Geocoin Club Anniversary EditionCCEPP5
74TeamLareau's September 2006 Geocoin Club GeocoinCCH1GY
73TeamLareau's Silver West Texas Wingnuts GeocoinPCV593
72TeamLareau's United We Cache GeocoinPCTM10
71TeamLareau's Gold West Texas Wingnuts GeocoinPCDH0H
70TeamLareau's 2006 Massachusetts GeocoinMAYM9T
69TeamLareau's Coast Guard GeocoinMT4B5J
68TeamLareau's Navy GeocoinMTWEX6
67TeamLareau's Army GeocoinMT6YG7
66TeamLareau's Air Force GeocoinMTKGV1
65TeamLareau's Marine GeocoinMT4MWR
64TeamLareau's TFTC GeocoinTCBPJ1
63TeamLareau's Support Our Troops GeocoinPC2QP3
62TeamLareau's Gold Falcon Loader GeocoinPCKDR7
61TeamLareau's Silver Falcon Loader GeocoinPCKBM8
60TeamLareau's Southern Ontario GeocoinPCTAC4
59TeamLareau's OCG-Obsessed Caching Group GeocoinPCVAN7
58TeamLareau's Contryguy GeocoinPC4TPP
57TeamLareau's Lizardtoadz GeocoinPC5CH0
56TeamLareau's 2 Cdn Reviewers GeocoinSHMY1Q
55TeamLareau's 5 Star Climbing Geocoin5TMQ0V
54TeamLareau's 5 Star SCUBA Geocoin5TQZT4
53TeamLareau's 5 Star Kayak Geocoin5TX1RQ
52TeamLareau's Caching Around America GeocoinPCJZ6E
51TeamLareau's 2006 Alberta GeocoinABCAJT
50TeamLareau's ToadZCode GeocoinPC6D42
49TeamLareau's Official trackable LogBook GeocoinPCX50F
48TeamLareau's Canada Micro GeocoinCACY7P
47TeamLareau's Canada Christmas Micro GeocoinCAZKE7
46TeamLareau's Zoester's GeocoinPCMG2X
45TeamLareau's TFTC GeocoinTCVRCW
44TeamLareau's Tommy Trojan GeocoinTTMM12
43TeamLareau's Louisiana GeocoinLA4A9B
42TeamLareau's 2006 Texas Mini GeocoinTX4G2J
41TeamLareau's Rhode Island GeocoinRIMA93
40TeamLareau's DB & BNB GeocoinPCH3BP
39TeamLareau's Colorado 2006 GeocoinCOQ1QC
38TeamLareau's Leprechaun GeocoinLCH23Q
37TeamLareau's Portugal GeocoinPTW615
36TeamLareau's Landsharkz Signature GeocoinPC5CH0
35TeamLareau's Virginia GeocoinVAWJGE
34TeamLareau's China GeocoinCNQZY8
33TeamLareau's Kentucky GeocoinKYPR6T
32TeamLareau's Kansas Sunshine GeocoinKSGG6N
31TeamLareau's Tracking Your Roots Alabama GeocoinPCVGFY
30TeamLareau's 2006 Michigan GeocoinMITV36
29TeamLareau's American Cache GeocoinPCYF9B
28TeamLareau's California GeocoinPCJK5R
27TeamLareau's Emergency Response GeocoinPCMBVB
26TeamLareau's FTF GeocoinFFR59X
25TeamLareau's Illinois GeocoinIL2A3W
24TeamLareau's Super Cacher GeocoinSCF151
23TeamLareau's 2006 Luxembourg GeocoinLX6K8M
22TeamLareau's Mini Fire Fly GeocoinPCRE89
21TeamLareau's 2006 CITO Geocoin #1C68WCA
20TeamLareau's 2006 CITO Geocoin #2C66MBV
19TeamLareau's First To Find Geocoin #1CCKT5A
18TeamLareau's First To Find Geocoin #2CCJNTN
17TeamLareau's 2006 Alaska GeocoinAK6APV
16TeamLareau's 2006 Canadian Geocoin #1CAEY6J
15TeamLareau's 2006 Canadian Geocoin #2CAN56A
14TeamLareau's Arizona State GeocoinAZKC96
13TeamLareau's CC Geocoin #1CCFFQ5
12TeamLareau's CC Geocoin #2CCFGBM
11TeamLareau's CC Geocoin #3CC9RM8
10TeamLareau's CC Geocoin #4CCBC2N
9TeamLareau's CC Geocoin #5CC1BBW
8TeamLareau's Geocoin Club Coin #2CCJZ1A
7TeamLareau's NeoGeo GeocoinPC8DY2
6TeamLareau's Original Stash GeocoinOS5X5M
5Team Lareau's USA Geocoin #114466
4Team Lareau's USA Geocoin #214461
3Team Lareau's USA Geocoin #314454
2Team Lareau's USA Geocoin #414467
1Team Lareau's USA Geocoin #514494

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